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The Eye Postcript


“Melvin? Is that you?”

“Hello Colin.”

“Wow, it is you! That’s great, dude. I was getting kinda lonely in here all on my own.”

“Yes, it’s me … *cough* … Blast!

“You OK, man?”

“They sprayed Raid under the Door of Doom.”

“Oh well. Never mind. You’ve got me to keep you company.”

“Whoopee do.”

“Yeah, isn’t it great? You and me, stuck here in the Void together for eternity with no one to talk to but each other. Man, there’s so much to catch up on, I don’t know where to start. Incidentally, have you noticed that the darkness over there is slightly less intense than the darkness back here. I was wondering why that is. It got me thinking about the physical properties of the Void. Do you want to hear my theory? Yes, I’m sure that you do. Well, the way I see it …”

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