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Had Lindir not motioned for them to stop, Johari would have continued to heedlessly ride on into the camp; her mind had been focused on other things: at first, how nice it was to be away from the camp, and, yes, away from Hadith for a while, and the conflicting emotions he brought to mind, but now mostly her thoughts turned to how very uncomfortable her horse's back was. No matter how she shifted, she could not find a comfortable position on the hard leather saddle. She had never ridden a horse before, and it had not occurred to her when she volunteered for this expedition that they would not be walking but riding. On finding out, she had initially been non-plussed; it had not seemed that difficult of an affair. Already, though, she could tell that she would soon be sore, despite their slow pace, and she still had a ride back to endure.

The sight of the Orcs caused her to forget her present discomfort, however. While her primary hatred was directed towards the slavers and her old plantation overseers, she bore Orcs no love. A flame stirred in her eyes and her hand immediately strayed to her knife hilt. When the boy Kwell spoke for killing them, she readily agreed. "Even more than that, they may do us ill! If we kill them in their sleep, it's no less than I reckon they would do to us! We have already fought one enemy, and most are too weary or hurt to face another. Let us be done with them!"
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