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Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Merisu took a deep breath before walking out. Her companions gathered around her, half encouraging her and half despairing that even she could save them all.

“Is there any hope?” Vogonwë asked anxiously.

“There never was much hope,” she replied, “only a fool’s hope. It may be that we are doomed. But I am glad you are all here with me. Here at the end of all things.”

On that cheerful note, she strode onto the stage. Soregum, Leninia and all of the wightish spirits in the hall were hushed to absolute silence. Merisuwyniel, offspring of the line of Royal Elves, had chosen to don the blue gown encrusted with starry gems, bought in the hallowed boutiques of Topfloorien. Her feet, shod with Manwëolos most astonishingly high-heeled creations, stepped forward with nary a wobble. Her golden hair glowed with a celestial light, while the rosy tips of her delicately pointed ears peeked out from amongst the locks. The sparkle of her violet eyes shone like stars reflected in deep pools.

Soft music which had no visible source began to sound; she opened her deliciously curved lips and sang in clear, melodic tones.

May it be an Entish Bow
Should chance to cross your way;
May it be adventure calls,
What will your heart say?
You walk a questing road;
Oh! How far you are from home.

Mourn, ye great, your tools are useless;
Believe that She will find a way.
The Bow shall be at last united,
A promise I give you today.

Before the listeners’ minds’ eyes, there appeared as if it were a list of names, scrolling in an ever-changing pattern. Past companions of the Fellow/Galship, major characters in the quest, and chance passers-by were made visible once more. Then the music changed, and so did the voice that fascinated its hearers. It grew somewhat rougher, filled with raw emotion.

Where once was Ent
Now pieces fall
Where once was life
Life is no more
Don’t say – goodbye
Don’t say – we didn’t try

These arrows fly
To falling orcs
We don’t know why
They’re on our tracks

And we will ride
On to the end
We’re not lost
But we never reach home.

A tear dropped from Soregum’s eye, and Leninia blew her nose surreptitiously. The strings of the Entish Guitar vibrated in sympathy, and a collective sigh from the assembled spirits wafted through the hall. The Song-and-Danceship listened breathlessly and began to smile again. Then the accompaniment changed once more as Merisu continued her song.

Lay down your sweet and weary head
Night is falling, you have come to quester’s end
Sleep now, dream – of the ones you left behind
I am calling, desiring you to find.

Why do I weep?
What are these tears upon my face?
Will I soon see
All my sorrows pass away?

Will you be here in my arms
Just sleeping?

“About whom is she singing?” Vogonwë whispered backstage, since he always listened to the lyrics of other people’s poetry very closely to get ideas.

“About Gravlox, of course – how sad, how romantic!” Pimpiowyn sighed, leaning her head against the Half-Elf’s shoulder.

“I think she means Halfullion – after all, he was a real hero, her first love, and died on this quest too,” Orogarn Two protested.

“No, she means her deceased mother Vinaigrettiel,” corrected Etceteron.

“Is it ‘Dead Mothers’ Month again already?” Pimpi exclaimed. “I haven’t heard from mine yet!”

“Ouch!” cried Kuruharan, for a steaming tear had fallen onto his hand from Chrysophylax’ eye.

Gateskeeper had removed his spectacles and was wiping them dry.

“Shhhhhhhhhtt!” hissed Grrralph, “I can’t hear the singing!”

What can you see on the horizon?
Why does green goddess call?
Across the sea new hope arises,
The ships will come to carry us home.

And pieces turn to solid Ent,
New leaves on the branches,
Questers went
Into the West.

Breathless, reverent silence hung over the audience. Soregum found himself wishing that he had a golden statuette to give to the singer in reward for her performance. Leninia’s eyes were too blurred to hypnotize him even if she had tried. Then the applause began – the wightish ghosts clapped, whistled and stomped their feet in a frenzy of enthusiasm. The juror rose and attempted to quiet them in order to speak, but alas! by the time they had calmed down, the hostess of the song competition had recovered her poise. Just as Soregum spoke, “This song receives twel-” she fixed her gaze upon him. He wilted visibly and attempted to speak again. “Te-”, but Leninia stood directly before him, obstructing his gaze to the stage. Finally he mumbled, “Two points.”

Shocked, stunned silence greeted the score. “It’s not possible!” came a wail from backstage.

“You heard the judge!” spoke Leninia triumphantly. “It looks like the Questship is finished with its contributions, having earned a total of eight points. Now it’s my turn!”
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