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the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
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Y'all should know there ain't no such thang as soda or pop! It's all just coke. Yuh wanna coke? We got Dr Pepper, Sprite, Root Beer, Big Red...
Good grief, that is so dumb. When I'm in Texas I hate when I order a "Coke" in a resturaunt and they say "What kind?"

What do you mean, "what kind"? I said I wanted "COKE"- not Sprite, Root Beer, or anything else. If I say "Coke" just bring me a friggin' Coke!

Sheesh. It's like asking a car dealer if you can look at his Ferraris and he says "What kind of Ferrari- Ford, Nissan, or Honda?"

No! A Honda isn't a Ferrari! If I wanted to look at the Hondas I would've said "Honda". And if I wanted a Sprite I'd say "Sprite", not "Coke". And if I want a chicken sandwich I won't ask for the hamburger! And if I wanna see a football game I won't drive to the baseball stadium! And if I want to rant about something that annoys me I'll go to the "What do you assign to Mordor" thread!
Soda & coke drinkers. It's called pop here, unless it's an actual Coke of course.
Right on, bro.
Example 6: The unidentified caller. Hi, it's me. Ooooookay. Do you know what time we're going to Mac's? Do I know who you are? Did so-and-so say anything about me? No clue... I recognize her voice, but who is this? She recognizes my voice... I feel like a jerk for not recognizing hers.
Ha ha! Yeah, I hate that.
And last but not least, Example 7: It's not for you any how. Hi. *faints over the identity of guy on phone* Hey, how'd you get my extension; playing it cool. Actually, I'm calling for your room mate/brother/cousin/friend/fill in the blank.
Heh heh. I do that. My friend's little sis likes me so I'll call her cell and tell her "I think your brother doesn't have his phone on- is he there?" even though I haven't really tried her brother's phone. Every so often (once every two months maybe) I'll actually have a long conversation with her- that way every time I call she thinks that just maybe I'm calling to talk to her for a long time and she gets her hopes up.

I think I might qualify for Mordor on that one.
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