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Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Almost 3 1/2 years ago, we began with The Revenge of the Entish Bow. If someone wants to do statistics, you are welcome to go back and check who posted on the two game threads - for now, I'm just basking in the fact that it's done!

Itís been three long years, and whaddaya get?
Another post written, but still no new rep.
BW don'tcha ban me, cause I canít go Ė
I owe a save to the Entish Bow!
'Mercy!' cried Gandalf. 'If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days in answering you. What more do you want to know?' 'The whole history of Middle-earth...'
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