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Originally Posted by Esty
Saucy, thank you for the wonderfully funny postscript! It was such a lovely surprise to see one more post on the thread - though I'm relieved that it's finished, I do miss it...
It was always my intention to round off Mogul's "story-arc" (or, if you like, come full circle).

Of course, there is always the prospect of him finding another way to escape the Void (and, with only Sauerkraut/Colin for eternal company, there is more than enough impetus for him to do so). But that, as they say, is perhaps for another story ...

It ain't over, of course, until the Floridian loyer posts.

But, for now, suffice it to say that it has been an honour and a privilege to contribute to such a wonderful story, and in the company of such esteemed writers. And it's been tons o' fun too.
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