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‘Long-eared!’ Dulaan cackled thinking about those few Elves she’d seen from a distance. ‘Well that they are from what these poor old eyes have seen.’ She dipped a small chunk of bread in her cup of warmed wine, softening it enough for her nearly toothless gums to handle. A small dribble of the dark red liquid dripped down her chin as she chewed the soggy morsel. She wiped it away with the hem of her sleeve.

Granny’s eyes followed the small stream of smoke as it trailed up to the smokehole at the top of the room. ‘We could use more pasture land,’ she continued. ‘Add a few more rams among the nannies and we could enlarge our flock. Be more meat and milk to trade . . . and goats’ wool for your weaving,’ she said nodding thoughtfully to Káta. Dulaan took a bit of cheese on a stick one of the children had toasted for her over the coals to soften it. As she blew on it to cool it just a bit she began to speak about Ulfang.

‘The old wolf’s near as toothless as m’self, you know. Thinking’s none too sharp either, so I hear tell from some of the women as go up to the lord’s house to help with cleaning and such. Seems his sons are circling round about him, waiting for him to draw his last breath.’ She snorted. ‘Shameful thought, but I wouldn’t put it past one o’them to hurry him along to his Last Ride.’ Granny wriggled about on her cushion trying to find a more comfortable position. ‘Well, maybe not that youngest boy – though from what I’ve seen of him, he could be pushed to do it by one of his brothers. And the middle one, now there’s a sly fox. But he’d find some way to do in his older brother, too. He’d have to, don’t you think? Otherwise the power’d be slipping through his fingers for good when the old man dies and Uldor takes the lordship. Land’s sake! Now that one’d do in his two younger brothers just to make sure they’d never make a try for him.’

Granny popped the soft cheese in her mouth and mashed it about with her tongue, savoring the sweet taste and creamy texture of it. ‘Old Rinna’s milk does make the best cheese just doesn’t it now,’ she commented once the morsel was swallowed. She took the stick and poked at the coals along the perimeter of the little fire. ‘If I was a fellow looking to put myself in a good position,’ she went on, shoving the coals against the hotter embers. ‘And of course I’m not. Just a toothless old woman who spends too much time with her goats. I wouldn’t waste time currying favor with those outlandish Elves. Be of no use to us in the long run, so I’m thinking.’ She raised up the stick and blew out the small blaze that had blossomed at the end of it.

'Anyways, I think I might be sending a gift along to the Lord’s family.....making sure, of course, that it was Uldor as got the best of the lot. Be making sure he understood my family’s bows and blade were backing him. He’s the one as will be, as is already, really, the power among men in this place. And who knows.....he might be inclined then to see to us once the dust settles.’

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