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Ulfast allowed a smile, harsh though it was, to creep over his features. "Surely, brother," he said to Uldor, "Lord Caranthir's letter would tell you all that you need know of his messenger's purpose. Why delay its reading again?"

Uldor scowled, displeased with Ulfast's ill-temper. The smile did not conceal the anger behind Ulfast's words. If anything, it turned the words from a simple question to a mocking sneer. "I wish to know. Is that not enough?"

For a half of a breath, Ulfast thought of revealing his mind. It was not enough for Uldor, a foul swine who did not belong among the company of the Ulfing hall, to wish to know. Uldor ought to have remained in exile forever rather than returning to usurp power which he could little wield in his sloth. Uldor was a fool, thought Ulfast, but one who feared nothing.

And in the other half, Ulfast quailed under his brother's glance. He answered flatly, "Lachrandir comes with a message for us to gather our forces for the defense of Lord Caranthir's realm. Are you satisfied?"

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