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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
"Well he would say that wouldn't he?" said Jessamy, thinking aloud as much as she was talking to Karl. She helped herself to a biscuit and dipped it in her tea before letting it dissolve deliciously in her mouth. She broke off part of the remaining half and slipped it to Jumble, who had stayed behind and had joined Jessamy on her bench, reckoning perhaps that his rightful place was nestled in his Willem's cloak even if his master wasn't wearing it.

"Maybe he isn't allowed to say he's a wizard - like Bryn can't really say he's a blacksmith 'til he has finished his apprenticeship" Jessamy paused realising that the idea of a man who seemed about the age of her father being an apprentice was a bit silly but wizards in stories were very old with long grey hair and beards so maybe it wasn't so daft. "But he clearly isn't ordinary is he? What was that he said about ordinary folk not knowing which of the barrows were safe, as if he were talking about other people but not himself? And he has this magic potion from the Elves that has made Edwin better - ish"

She could look at him now he seemed to be sleeping normally. Karl stared at her seeming a bit bewildered and she supposed she was talking nonsense. She finished her biscuit and looked instead out of the little window next to her - it was lighter than before outside - the clouds had cleared enough to let the new risen moon refect on the carpet of snow. She thought for a moment she saw something move out there but turned away. She had fancied enough terrors for one day. What ever Willem was she felt safe here now. And he had worked some magic on her ankle even if it had been the everyday sort. Her mother could not have been more gentle - indeed might have been a lot less so, since a quarter of a century of patching up five children had left her with a fairly brisk approach to minor injuries - and Willem hadn't felt the need to accompany his treatment with a reproachful commentary on her clumsiness. No adventuring 'til it's all right again? She hardly needed to promise. She doubted she would ever be allowed out again and would be lucky if she weren't chained up, she rued.

But with Jumble providing an extra source of heat and her foot at ease Jessamy started to feel warm and comfortable enough to feel a bit sleepy. It had been a long day and her eyelids felt heavy. They started to close but then opened wide

"Willem will freeze - I still have his cloak!"

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