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Edwin wasn’t sure what was happening. Her crying too just made it worse! He sniffed and swallowed and tried to right is breathing, and tried not to feel annoyed that Jess had her brothers all consoling her while he was left to awkwardly cry alone. Well, Jess cried with him, he supposed, but…that was different.

He was almost holding back all the tears, almost settled down. He tried to think of something to say. Thank you? “Thank you,” he said, turning to Karl and then Willem, whose gaze he couldn’t hold for more than a second.

Suddenly a high-pitched whine followed by a low bellow came from the trees behind the caravan, and the noises came closer until Duke burst into the firelight and started running in circles around the fire and Karl. Duke’s muzzle was covered in long spines.

Edwin couldn’t help but laugh. He looked a little guilty after, hoping someone else found it funny. Sure he felt bad for the dog’s pain, but it was his own fault. Kind of like Edwin’s situation.

Karl groaned and called to Duke, trying to keep his voice gentle. He managed to grab the dog by the scruff and then, getting on his knees, held Duke with both arms. Karl spoke gentle words to him while getting a hold on his head and trying to pull each spine out quickly.
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