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Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.Mithalwen is lost in the dark paths of Moria.
"I'll get it, " said Bryn, "we had it in a bucket of hot ash on the waggon but it will be all the better for being properly hot" he added as he returned moments later with a good-sized billy-can and a hooked iron spike which he set at an angle across the little fire pit. He lifted the lid with his gloved hand "Looks like vegetable and bean - still some warmth it it so shouldn't be too long." He set the billy on the hook above the burgeoning fire and nodded approvingly. He couldn't have done a better job even at the forge.

"I'll talk to Silas if he starts to fret - for myself I'd rather wait til it was light to go near those woods again..." he shuddered momentarily then forced his mind back to more immediate issues. "Though we brought food enough, we haven't got much to eat it off - only a few tin mugs and plates - we didn't expect such a party, only reckoned on staying out if we hadn't found them. May be you have extra?" Bryn asked the older man tentatively not sure if someone who lived an itinerant life would be geared up for company.

In the caravan, Silas gazed in amazement at the intricately carved interior. His sister had swiftly resumed her previous spot, discarded her boots and rested her feet on the little stool. From which position she could direct Silas as to where to find things.

"Could you make me one of these?"Jessamy asked hopefully. Silas laughed " the structure maybe, if I didn't have to earn a living - but this carving work would take me years even if I had the skill." He smiled and touched the little mouse on the high shelf. "If your friend Willem did this, he is a true craftsman. "

Jessamy gave Edwin a sidelong glance and thought he seemed troubled - she realised that he hadn't been in here before awake and hoped he was alright. She would love to have another look at the little Elvish phial but she could hardly poke around other than as Willem had permitted, at least with witnesses. And since she had elided how ill Edwin had seemed, she felt she couldn't really bring it up now with Silas around. "Are you really better now Edwin?" she asked, thinking how strange it must have been to wake up somewhere so different.

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