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Edwin was thrilled to hear Jessamy’s brothers had brought soup, something warm and filling. He felt chilled inside and out, and though his stomach didn’t feel quite right he hoped eating would make him feel better. He followed Jess and one of the brothers, Silas, into the caravan. This time he actually had a look around, and wondered at the woodwork of the interior. Edwin could never imagine living in one of these instead of a house, but it did seem pretty cozy.

Even inside the caravan Edwin clutched himself and Karl’s cloak around him. It felt a little like he would never be warm again, even if he sat right up against a fire indoors. It was cold out, so it was really no wonder, but…this chill felt different somehow. He was just wondering at it when Jess asked if he was alright.

He nodded, and thought about what had happened. Was it the water? Water that put him to sleep…sounded like magic, which was absurd. “Just…cold. Feels like when I fall asleep during the day for a little and wake up feeling heavy, but worse.” He looked at his feet. “I guess I owe a lot of thanks.” Could he have died? Surely he could have, from the cold, if not from…whatever had happened to him. What had it taken to wake him up? Just the warmth of the caravan. Not that it felt especially warm at the moment, but warmer than outside…
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