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Originally Posted by Annatar View Post
They appeared in the book, people! What do you think a 'stone giant' is if not a giant made out of stone?
Glancing at Stone giants - Finally a Credible Source opened my eyes to so much that I hadn't realized before!

  • stone giants = giants made of stone
  • wood elves = Entings?
  • high elves =
  • fair elves = highly employed as referees
  • Horsemen of the North = thick-coated centaurs?
  • half orcs = right, left, top, bottom...?
  • mountain trolls = If they were to lie down, would it create a new mountain range?
  • nameless things = kind of an oxymoron
  • cold drakes = probably should stand closer to 'children of the sun' as not to shiver
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