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I love your idea, Nuru!

I know I'm a little late here with this idea...but I thought I'd include some info...

I'm not aware that Tolkien ever mentioned "gypsies" as such; perhaps because (if I recall correctly) gypsies were originally a particular strain of nationality...? I seem to connect them vaguely with the Hungarians somehow, not sure if that is correct.
This site has a lot of information on Roma.

"The Roma are an ethnic minority whose origins began on the Indian subcontinent over one thousand years ago. Because they arrived in Europe from the East, they were thought by the first Europeans to be from Turkey, Nubia or Egypt, or any number of non-European places. They were called, among other things, Egyptians or ‘Gyptians, which is where the word "Gypsy" comes from."
I think this quote is why I'm not entirely sure if they'd be called "Gypsies" in Middle-Earth if they did exist, but it depends on how Helen wants it.

"Most Roma have always referred to themselves by their tribal names, or as Rom or Roma, meaning "Man" or "People." The trend is to eliminate the use of derogatory, pejorative and offensive names, such as Gypsies, and to be given proper respect by the use of the self-appelation of Roma, or Rroma. Gypsies, although offensive to most Roma, is still a proper name."
Anyway, the idea sounds like a great deal of fun, Nuru, and I think if you just use lmp's idea of them being Easterlings it would work out fine. Helen, do you think the wanderer's should have a name other than 'Gypsies' or is it okay to use? I just wanted to make sure.

Also, in my last post it is still the night of the 14th, but after Amroth leaves for I assumed that he left at night. If this isn't right, just let me know and I'll edit a bit.
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