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This is truly lovely. I think this is the first RPG where I've had to work to get something right and not simply be able to do it or be told I couldn't......

Is this group of travellers, or wayfarers (which is almost as striking a word as gypsies), there are a few other Rohirric people besides those which were mentioned, though the majority are made up of the Easterlings. Perhaps these people could have, in either the recent War or some older war, lost their homes and taken up wandering, being encountered with poverty and no way to earn back what they had lost and seeing it as the only way of life? Perhaps there were Rohirric families that were not pure Rohirric and a bit more adventurous than the others (rather like the Tooks and the Brandybucks?) and when the wandering Easterlings passed by they took up a notion to follow them? Do help me think of reasons, for I need a wide variety. Though the Rohirric in this band of travellers are not many there are still a few of different families and situations and it would be nice to know they have different, valid reasons for becoming wayfarers even if it's never mentioned in the game because they're never mentioned. If you like, littlemanpoet, you could even have your character talk about with various Rohirric people and give 'histories of the leaving home' for them actually inside the game.

As for the Rohirric family I've already mentioned, they had no strong reason for leaving their home. The father was a wanderer in his younger days (perhaps a beggar or even a minstrel of a sort as Liornung) and he took a fancy into his head to go on the road again despite family. This lack of strong reason is why his wife doesn't like it and his daughter doesn't like it (and the other children? I don't know if there are other children yet), and also why he probably will be going home sometime soon. Of course I don't know that he'll go home, but everything is against him. It's a bit awful that I don't know my own characters, isn't it?

Let's have fun working this out, for it's a discussion I've never seen anywhere before and I'm enjoying it.

Last night was an awful one for me... I'm developing a cold and a sore throat kept me awake most of the night (singing in the choir didn't help, either, though the guitar was awfully fun).... so waking up in misery I don't know if I can handle another character at the moment. Perhaps just a passing whim.... as the character was going to be from the gypsy group (I can say gypsy on the discussion thread, can't I?) I'm just thinking of having those two groups (the gypsies and the Rohan company) be travelling along with each other for a few days before the gypsies veer off. Maybe Dec. 17 or 18. So the character would be rather temporary, and this would give littlemanpoet and Aylwen to play around with characters they could only post about once, if they cared to. Is that all right with you?
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