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I'm the daughter of an agnostic Reformed Jew and a lapsed until fairly recently and now semi-practicing Catholic. Until about 4 years ago I was pretty much agnostic, but culturally Jewish, like my father. I wanted to become a more practicing Jew, but my dad was very unsupportive. (He pretty much forbade me from getting a Bat Mitzvah.) A little over 4 years ago my mom went back to the Church after an absence of at least 20 years and my brother and I started going with her. At this point I am Catholic in my beliefs, but I'm not 'officially' Catholic. My brother and I were never baptized. We've been having catechism lessons for ~2 years in preparation to be baptized sometime in the fairly near future. I'm very active at my church and I sing in the choir and go to Mass every Sunday, along with my mom and brother. My dad comes once in a blue moon, but that's only to hear us sing, since he's a classical music afficianado. I pray the rosary fairly often. (A friend of ours gives holds a dinner & Rosary at his house one Friday a month and my mom, brother and I go.) In my family there are many Catholics (some more practicing more than others), an aunt and four cousins who are Orthodox Christian, and many Reformed Jews (again, practicing to different degrees). I checked Catholic in the poll because that's what I consider myself to be and I do plan to be baptized in the not-too-distant future. The majority of my friends from outside of church (i.e. those close to my own age) are either atheists or agnostic, but there is one semi-Unitarian (that's what she believes, but she's not a practicing one), a semi-practicing Lutheran, a non-practicing Catholic, a semi-practicing Reformed Jew (he goes to Synagogue with his parents, but is agnostic in his belief), and one friend who is Evangelical Covenant (Protestant Christian branch that broke off from Lutheranism several hundred years ago.) I also have a few friends who are Lutheran despite being very involved with my church.

I think Tolkien's works have shaped my faith. I first read LotR a few months after I started going to Mass and the themes portrayed in it, especially selflessness have really helped me. Also, it doesn't hurt that my catechism teacher is a huge LotR fan.
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