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Apparently, I didn't vote here earlier. I am surprised. Well, seeing as I have a paper to write and a book to read for tomorrow, I think it's a good idea that I do so now .

My mom is Lutheran, from a German-Lutheran father and Polish-Catholic mother (who has since converted). My dad is Catholic from a Irish-Catholic family. My mom's family is full of the go-to-church-on-Christmas-and-Easter sort of Christians who are very conservative, and my dad's family has some Catholics, some members of the Unification Church, and some weird agnostic-like Christians who I don't know how to define in the slightest, but who are mostly pretty liberal.

I was raised in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the crazy semi-liberal branch of Lutheranism. I went to Sunday school, Bible camp, mission trips, and so on, for most of my life, until I got to college. I decided Christianity just didn't work for me, and consequently became atheist. I researched Neopaganism, but I prefer being an atheist. Interestingly, I go to a Lutheran school.

I think The Lord of the Rings helped ferment my politically liberal, anti-authoritarian worldview, which helped me reject organized religion. It certainly reinforced my environmentalism. I don't think I will ever be able to go back to an organized religion.

Oh, and I really like seeing what sorts of changes everyone's gone through in their lives. Fascinating!
"If we're still alive in the morning, we'll know that we're not dead."~South Park

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