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The Eye

Well, I dreamed I was Rosie Cotton! I loved that dream. Sam and I and a bunch of other hobbits were sitting around, and he was trying to get us to visualize a cloud of orange that turns into an orange square, and I was the only one who could do it. Kind of like those lights shows that appear when you close your eyes. So then we realized we were perfect for each other, and we were all happy. And he walked around grinning like he does at the wedding in ROTK (so cute). I don't know if there was a kiss involved or not, but I don't think so (rats!). And no, I'm not making any of this up. It sounds ridiculous when I tell it this way, but it had the incredible gravity that only a dream can have. And being Rosie was fun. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

(One thing you should know about my dreams: things are never consistent. Sizes, colors, distances, and identities change randomly.)
Me, too, Elennar. It's really weird. It's nice to know that someone else does that.

Okay... a lot of people are dreaming about me...
I would be creeped out by that... But then my friend has had two dreams in which I die... Once by fell beast things, and once by a combination of impalement and spider bite. Very nice of him, I say! What's scary is that all of those references are vaguely LOTR-related.

Alright, I might as well come clean and tell about all of the other LOTR-related dreams I remember, because they're scaring me right now.

Dream #2: I am reading LOTR. That's it. I'm turning the pages and all, and hearing the narration in my head, as I always do when I read. Except I doubt it was the real version of LOTR, seeing as one chapter was only a page long. But somehow I knew it was.

Dream #3: This one's been haunting me. You know those dreams where you can float or fly? It was one of those. I am with two "friends" at night, about to do something crazy, namely, jump a fence onto someone's property. But it's really dark, and we're being chased by Ringwraiths. We jump over the fence and a series of rolling hills (every time we jumped, we floated for a long ways, sort of like in a video game). But when we were almost away, and there was only one more fence to leap over, I was caught by a Ringwratih-y thing. It was terrifying. It stroked me with really nasty long fingernails as I struggled to get free. And somewhere in there, my "friends" and I turned into little pieces of sausage.... so it was really weird. I was me and I was a piece of sausage. But it was infinately creepy.

In view of how long this post is getting, I think I'll save the other two for some other time. But I think you'll see just how crazy I really am. It comes out most in my dreams.
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