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Gimli randomly decapitated Faramir with his axe
HAAAAA! Oh my god! That is so funny. I can just see Legolas swimming around in lava.

Now time for mine, though it's not so crazy as others.

I had a dream that i woke up and went outside and there were all these hobbits runnign around in my backyard building hobbit holes.

I muttered "okay...." and then had my coffee on the back deck like a usually, just watching all these hobbits running around building thier holes. Until **ba ba ba!** <horror music> I noticed my horse was missing. I ran into my house and i asked my mother where the hell my horse had gone.

My mum looked at me like i was an idiot and said. "A man named Aragorn came and said he needed Octavian(horses name, he was very nice about it."

And i couldnt believe that my mother had just let some dirty ranger take my horse. And then i asked her why there were hobbits in the backyard and she laughed and said "They are funny, arent they?"
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