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So I`m not the only one who has extremely weird dreams! I swear, I`ve never had an intelligent, make-sensible dream before. ("make-sensible"? hmmm... maybe I had better lay off the candy for a couple hours.) I have so many LotR related dreams I can`t remember them all! There`s AlWAYS something LotR related in my dreams. I`m usually one of the characters. Often times there are Barrow-Downers in my dreams, though I`ve never met any of you in person. Let`s see... I had an LotR dream last night. I was Frodo (I am usually a guy in my dreams and never a girl. I have a very strange mind.) and had to destroy the ring. So Sam and I set out for Mount Doom. It was a long journey, which included Rivendell, The Fellowship of the Ring, Lothlorien, Gollum, The Dead Marshes, The Black Gate, Minas Morgul, The Stairs of Cirith Ungol, Shelob`s Lair, ect. It was a rather long dream, or so it seemed. Finally we got to Mount Doom. I was about to throw the ring in when along comes Gollum and bites off my finger. (Since I never put the ring on, I don`t know why this happened.) Gollum now had the ring. I thought, "In the movie, I`m supposed to kind of jump on Gollum."(don`t ask.) So I did, knocking him in, and leaving me hanging off the edge. It was almost exactly like the movie on that part, except for my stupid little thought. The ring was destroyed. Sam pulled me up. For some reason I was now myself. I often change people in my dreams. I walked home (with Sam loyally following behind. I guess he didn`t notice I was no longer Frodo. I didn`t.) as if I were walking home from school, except instead of the school being there, it was Mount Doom. I got home, my hand still bleedind and covered in blood. My mom walked in and asked where I`d been. She didn`t notice that my One Ring wasn`t hanging around my neck (it usually is), that I was missing a finger, covered in ash and dust, wearing an elven cloak, had hairy hobbit feet (yes I still had my hobbit feet), and that there was a Samwise Gamgee standing beside me. (Whew! Talk about run-on sentences!) She only asked where I had been. I told her about the whole entire journey, how I was bitten and nearly eaten by a huge spider, perilously (sp?) trudged through Mordor, almost fell into a volcano, and saved all of Middle Earth. "You What?!" she screamed. "That ring cost you a lot of money!" (I ordered it online) "But I saved Middle Earth from Sauron!" I argued. I was then sent to my room and grounded. As I went down the stairs to my room, I could hear Sam saying something about going where he couldn`t go. Something else happened after that, but I don`t know what it was. Very strange though I`ve had worse. I have a strange yet very creative mind when I`m sleeping. (Why can`t it be like that in school when I have to write something?) Oh, well. Maybe I should be an author, and write about my really good dreams.
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