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<img src="" align=absmiddle> Re: The Palantír

Good job on the Red Eye Palantír, Mithadan! <img src=cool.gif ALT="8)">

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> [Denethor] went up alone into the secret room under the summit of the Tower; and many who looked up thither at that time saw a pale light that gleamed and flickered from the narrow windows for a while, and then flashed and went out.<hr></blockquote>
Then later...
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> ‘It was in the very hour that Faramir was brought to the Tower that many of us saw a strange light in the topmost chamber,’ said Beregond. ‘But we have seen that light before, and it has long been rumoured in the City, that the Lord would at times wrestle in thought with his Enemy.’<hr></blockquote>
Not very conclusive. And UT does say that Denethor's madness resulted from his own despair, not because he finally succumbed to Sauron's attempt to dominate him.

I would think, though, that if Sauron was calling from Barad-dűr, Wormtongue would have had a tough time casting the Stone away... Maybe the red glow is like when you start your computer and the &quot;Windows 98&quot; screen comes up for a few seconds. On the other hand, the description of Pippin's experience certainly smacks of Sauron:
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> At first the globe was dark, black as jet, with the moonlight gleaming on its surface. Then there came a faint glow and stir in the heart of it, and it held his eyes, so that now he could not look away. Soon all the inside seemed on fire; the ball was spinning, or the lights within were revolving. Suddenly the lights went out.<hr></blockquote>
&quot;He could not look away&quot; certainly seems suggestive of Sauron's influence and his domination of the Stone. When I read this yesterday, I thought that the line &quot;Suddenly the lights went out.&quot; sounded like Sauron approaching his palantír in Barad-dűr and blocking out the light.

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