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Originally Posted by Lalaith View Post
Reflecting on this comment it struck me its actually a good case for my innocence. This is exactly what a Lal-wolf at that stage of voting would have done when a sole packmate was at risk - gone for Zil, Boro or Nerwen. There are players who take a more high-risk approach to wolfing but Im not one of them.
This actually feels like a moderately sound point - why would Lalwolf vote for an absentee rather than doing something to save her packmate? But... there were five people yet to vote and about an hour to go, so if you thought someone else (Boro or Zil had a vote each) looked more suspicious, you could've been expecting someone else to lay down a vote. Or there could be another reason behind it (perhaps by that point you were sure Zil would vote Rune, and with no-one else around you figured a vote elsewhere would be an obvious attempt to save him)... I dunno, 'I can't be a wolf because I would have done this instead' just sounds really sketchy to me.

Originally Posted by Pitchwife View Post
(By the way, did you notice nothing about that post that might have kept you from voting Nerwen if you're innocent?)
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