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1420! Fiddle de dum and fiddle dee dee!

littlemanpoet is ahead of meee!

I tried but wasn't sure of a few things-- Is the little c the root of the scale and the big C the octave above it and the other notes in between? Does the initial 'a' go down from the c or up? And is it in the key of c? or a minor? I'll be glad of the whistle version. Like I said, lmp is ahead of me this time!

At lmp's prompting the Rohan group has moved forward another day (to morning of Dec 14.) As always posts can be inserted if need be. Ędegard doesn't dare ask Amroth to open the morning's game-- so who's next, Ędegard or Liornung? Or Bellyn?

Speaking of Bellyn, she shyly mentioned the Lay of Nimrodel after her opening song, and I had a mental image of the Valar (Mandos and Lorien) clapping their hands over Amroth's ears as she said it. I guess we'll say that Amroth was temporarily distracted by Valarish interference.

However, Ędegard, Bellyn, and Liornung please feel free to discuss it. The topic will come up, repeatedly I'm sure; but the Valar are not allowing Amroth to "remember" the intervening 1000 years, and he will always (always) draw a blank about them. He thinks the storm was a few months ago, and he doesn't remember his swim to shore very well (for instance that it was ill-fated.) He doesn't quite relate that to the dreams.

Alaklondewen, this will be a challenge for Erebemlin to deal with. Osanwe will convince Amroth that Erebemlin isn't pulling a fast one on him; but Amroth won't grasp the significance of the 1000-year gap. He'll just keep saying that he has to find her. His stubborness and Valar-driven mental block will seem like stupidity at times, or perhaps worse.
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