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Shield Songs and tunes

I can't answer your questions at the moment but I'll let you know that I've recorded Fair Maid of Gondor on tin whistle and it's just a matter of moving it to this computer and putting it on a webpage. I'll let you know when it's up. There's also one other tune I have done that sounds lovely with the tin whistle and guitar merged. I don't know about my voice, however. I'm having a difficult time getting the hang of how to sing it well and in a way that it will match the tin whistle perfectly when put together. I'll work at it, though!

I've posted for Liornung and he's sung a new song..... he's writing songs too fast! I can't come up with the tunes, let alone record them. I really need to get a mic on my computer so I can lock myself up all day and work at it.

Liornung has started the day's game! Who wants to go next?
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