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Helen, Liornung thanks you kindly for the compliment. I've put up the tune for O'er a Little River, the first song he sang for the Rohan company. Unfortunately the server I use will only let me store up to 20 MBs of files on it, which would probably be about nine or ten wav files of just tin whistle, but I wanted to have the guitar and maybe even the vocals. Perhaps if you wanted to have the tunes for all time you could record them on a cassette tape, or burn the wavs onto a CD, or download them or something? With guitar and vocals I'd probably be able to put up only one or two wav files at a time! That is, if Maercwen sings the whole song through. I have one tune with guitar and tin whistle and it's (*cringes*) 9 MB.

I'm slowly forming an idea for another character to introduce to the game. The grand entrance will probably be shortly after the Gondor and Rohan teams unite (even greater ). Which day (game-time) will they bump into each other?
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