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Helen, then let's just play it by ear, shall we? I'm toying with the idea of introducing a gypsy to the company.... Yet I do know if I'm following our rules about canon? I don't believe Tolkien ever said anything about gypsies in his works but that doesn't prove they didn't exist, or so I hope and believe. I compare it with the example such as if I wrote a song but never mentioned it to anyone, just because I hadn't said anything about the song wouldn't mean it didn't actually exist. In fact it most certainly wouldn't, because it would exist. That is merely my view, however, and if anyone feels I'm going against canon please take me to pieces. However if Tolkien did mention gypsies somewhere in his works I would love to know where.

Rohan team, I've taken the liberty of bringing Dec. 14 to a close. If any of you have a post you'd like to make before that evening, merely PM me with your post or put it here and I'll paste it above mine.
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