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Shield The Travelling People

Thanks for all the suggestions for the gypsies! I was aware that the name actually referred to a particular race, but it's become a habit around this house to use it as a reference to 'the travelling people,' whatever race they happen to be. I preferred Liornung to say 'gypsy' oppose to 'tinker' or 'rolling stone' or any other such name. I love the idea of the Easterlings...

However my idea with this group was using the term 'gypsies' as a group of wandering people rather than the Roma, or in this case Easterlings (I'm not Roma, but I'm sometimes referred to as the 'Whistling Gypsy,' merely implyng that I'm a whistling, singing person who spends much time wandering through the woods and the like). It would be a very old group of wandering people... if they were to mention their history when the Rohan company encounters them perhaps it could have started with a few Easterlings travelling many, many years ago, years before the War of the Ring, and it had grown over time as lone wanderers from Rohan and Gondor joined them. How would this work?

I could work it either way, that is, use gypsy as a term referring to the Roma or in the game the Easterlings, or as merely a group of wandering people. Let me know what you think.
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