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White Tree

Aeron sighed as he watched Raefindan sneeze. "I have always found," Aeron remarked, "than when a nose rag is wanting a sleeve does the job just as well. Is that not so, Gwyll?" He elbowed her in the ribs as she stifled a giggle.

"Uncouth, but yes it does do the job. I would rather have a nose rag though."

"You mean Cleanex," said Aeron with a wink. "Besides a nose rag is such a bother. It takes up so much room and more time to blow your nose. A Cleanex sounds even worse." He nodded and grinned.

He studied the red haired man and wondered where he came from. He came from a land with queer but wonderful speech. And he had an odd case of stating the obvious and turning things into actions, such as when he said the word kidding. "I wonder how one would act like a kid," he mused.

Gwyllion coughed and said, "You act like one all the time."

He gasped. "Me?"

"Yes you. You are dreafully annoying and wild."

Aeron grinned, lowered, his head, baaed like a kid goat, and ran toward his sister, ramming his head into her stomach. She tumbled to the ground and said, "See. Exactly like a kid."

He shrugged and grinned at her.

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