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Song of Seregon
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Farewell to Lorien

Erebemlin was taken aback by Ædegard’s questions. This was the first time he had considered another spirit belonging to Amroth’s new body. Hesitantly, he replied, “I must be honest with you, Ædegard. I had not thought of his body belonging to any other.” The elf paused and studied his steed’s thick mane. “Whatever means allowed Amroth to return in this state…I do not think the young blacksmith’s spirit would be destroyed. I cannot say for sure, because it involves powers beyond my understanding. It is likely that Amroth’s will is much stronger the boy’s…”

Ædegard nodded, “Will he ever come back?”

“I do not know, mellon. I do not know.”

The pair grew silent and continued to ride, each in his thoughts.

Taitheneb had remained silent thus far. Silmaethor was discussing something with one of the Men, and the others stayed close together chatting like close friends. The elf felt slightly uncomfortable, and he shifted his weight on his bay.

Amroth led them east along the southern border of the forest and soon they passed the last row of mellyrn. Taitheneb swallowed hard with sadness. Why was he leaving the golden forest?
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