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Ravion's Ramblers: Ravion

Ravion, standing ahead of the company with Gond's lead in his hands, glanced worriedly back at Raefindan. The man was wan and his body was racked with fits of coughing and sneezing. He hoped that the man was not seriously ill...this was no time for one of their companions to be incapacitated. Mellonin's features were permeated with concern, though Aeron was still pestering the red-haired man with questions.

"This cold reaches my bones," Raefindan said weakly--or something approximating that, and Ravion turned, worried by the frailty of the man's voice. He turned just in time to see Raefindan collapse to the ground.

He dropped Gond's lead and rushed over to Raefindan. "Raefindan," he said loudly, slapping the man's face gently. "Wake up." He did not. Ravion turned to Aeron. "Get me my skin of water," he ordered, and the boy did not hesitate to obey, for once. If Ravion had not been so distracted, he would have appreciated it.

Aeron handed him the skin, and the Ranger poured some of it over Raefindan's face. The man stirred and moaned, but did not wake. Ravion put his hand to the man's forehead, and then drew it back quickly, cursing. He was very feverish. "We will have to get him on Gond, and tie him on," he said to his companions. "Aeron, help me pick him up. Mellonin, find some rope in Gond's saddlebags." Gwyllion's face fell: she was the only one who had not received an order. Ravion sighed. "Gwyllion, hold Gond's lead." All of them went to start their tasks. Aeron, a serious but slightly frightened look on his face, placed himself at Raefindan's legs. "Are you ready?" Ravion asked quietly. Aeron nodded. "On three. One, two...three..."

The two of them lifted their companion and brought him to Gond, where Mellonin was waiting with the rope. Ravion hefted the unconscious man onto the horse, and took the rope from Mellonin, quickly tying it around Raefindan. He tried to place the man in something resembling a comfortable position, but he would likely awaken and find himself with a nasty crick in his neck. Mellonin had her arms crossed tightly over her chest, as though defending herself against whatever it was that had stricken Raefindan.

"Do you suppose he will be okay?" she asked, her voice soft. She did not take her eyes off of Raefindan.

Ravion pulled a knot tight, which looked most unfortunately like shrugging. Out of his peripheral vision he saw Mellonin tense up. He turned around and sighed. "I think that he will be fine," he said. "Once he wakes, I will give him some herbs that should clear out his chest."

"What about his fever?" Aeron asked, tying the ropes on his side of Gond.

"His fever will stay," Ravion said. "Fire cleanses...he will feel better once the fever dies on its own. What we should be worried about is the...what did he call it? His cold? He used a word I did not know."

"New-moan-ya," Gwyllion supplied proudly.

Ravion inclined his head in thanks. "That was it. We have to worry about the new-moan-ya. I will treat it like a cold, and hope that it gets better. If we come across a town, which I do not think we will until we get past the Entwash delta, I will take him to a healer. For now, we will simply wait, and pray."
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