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Silmaril Raefindan

Deep in woods he walks, not far from his home. He loves to walk among the trees. He stops. A light voice is lifted in sad song. He hurries toward it and hides behind the eaves of a fir tree. An Elven lady is seated upon a small grassy knoll where trees do not grow. Her head hangs and she holds herself up by one arm. She is pale and faint, her face full of beauty and misery, her hair black and long. She is from his dreams! Before thought can stop him, he comes to her from out of the trees and kneels before her. She looks up and sees him as if looking upon a fair vision from far away. She falls and he catches her, light as down. He carries her to his home, holding her close. Her hair smells of fresh leaves, her breath of flowers. Her hair, black, is radiant, shining like stars in deep night. He takes her into his home and lays her on his bed and succors her, and sleeps at night on the floor next to her bed. Many days she sleeps, but finally wakes. Her eyes are filled with sadness, but she looks upon him as if she has known him all his life, and gladness seems mingled with her sadness. He cannot express his joy, but brings her drink and a bit of bread, which she accepts with a smile.

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