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Bellyn blushed momentarily at the sudden change of subject and the sudden shift of attention to her. When she'd quickly regained her composure, Bellyn wondered where to start with Liornung's questioning. Liornung had brought up a very good point. None of them knew where Bellyn really came from, other than that she originally hailed from Gondor. Is it a story they would like to know, or that I would even like to tell? Bellyn asked herself.

She looked to her companions. They would be together on the road for days, Bellyn knew. The bond between them was strengthening, even with new companions like Argeleafa, Mellon, and the elf. Besides, Bellyn could not bear to refuse Liornung the information he had asked for.

"This journey is hardly ended, and hardly even started. Still, I have already learned much. I never thought that something like love could drive a person to travel and search as we have. I had never seen such a beautiful place as this...before when drawing I was restricted to things I had imagined in my mind, and now I can see all of my art come to life right in front of me. The power of music and love - when put together, I suppose - has shown me a new level of determination..." Bellyn replied, nodding to Liornung and giving an inviting smile to Argeleafa. "As far as where my home is, I live in Edoras with my brother and my father. I used to live in Minas Tirith with..." Bellyn paused. "My father and mother and my two brothers. My father is always away now, travelling and exploring and making maps. I was in the care of my brother, but I spend so much time at Inns drawing that I do not think I will be missed much."

Bellyn took a breath, suddenly glad that they knew where she came from, whether they really wanted to know or not.

"Really though, I'm glad to finally be the one exploring, and not the one sitting lonely at an inn drawing what I wish I saw." Bellyn added thoughtfully. "Argeleafa, what do you think of your journey so far? I know you must miss your you think well of any of it?"
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