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Anorien: Ravion

A frown pulled heavily on Ravion's features. There was no way that Raefindan could have known that song...unless he was much better-travelled than he appeared to be. Or perhaps he had a parent from the south? Unlikely. He had no trace of a Southron's accent. Besides, Ravion was getting that feeling again...the odd one he had gotten when he met Mellonin, that told him something strange was happening.

He touched Raefindan's forehead, which was still very warm. The Ranger sighed deeply, and poured some water on a rag to put on Raefindan's head. The man was still murmuring to himself, though Ravion could not make out the words; however, this was still less disconcerting than the song.

They had been walking for a fair while as Raefindan lay unconscious, and it was beginning to worry Ravion. He was no healer, but he knew that the longer one remained unconscious, the more harm had likely been inflicted to your body...and the more likely harm was still being inflicted. He hoped that Raefindan woke up before nightfall, or he would truly be concerned; a day or more unconscious usually meant real danger. Or so he had heard.

That was what angered him most: he did not know what to do. He literally did not have the knowledge. He could not help Raefindan, except to try to break the fever if it got too high. He did not know how to diagnose or treat this illness, and he wanted too very badly. He wanted to be a leader. Like his father would have been.

He could feel the muscles in his back tighten at the thought. Best to change the subject. "Mellonin," he said quickly, "does Raefindan have a history of illnesses like this? Is this something...chronic? Has he recovered from something like this in the past?"

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