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Tears of the Phoenix
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White Tree

Aeron snorted. What folly was this? A lover's heart a tide, the lover the moon? If he could not gain the woman he loved, why love at all? Why give your heart away to someone who could not -- would not more than likely -- return it? Aeron rolled his eyes and frowned.

And the illnesses...tortured dreams...nightmares, Aeron thought as he peered at Mellonin's stony face. He glanced at Gwyllion. Her eyes were wide, the black pupil swallowing the brown, her mouth parted, and her fingers of her right hand entwining the red hair of Raefindans, while she curled the horses mane in the fingers of her other hand. She looked liked a hungry animal, constraining herself before a tantalizing morsel.

"What dreams, my lady," she whispered.

Mellonin glanced at her. Silent.

Must Gwyllion always ask such things? Things that were foolish, inconsequential...why did she need to know? Why did it matter if Mellonin was sick or not? Everyone became sick. That was that.
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