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night of Dec 19, Limlight & Anduin

Amroth stood off to one side and gazed southeast, stroking Echo as the rest prepared camp. His mind was closed to his friends, still seeking, combing through dust and ash.

After the other men were asleep, Nethwador settled some forty yards apart from the others toward the north. He sat gazing towards Bella, and kept an eye on Ędegard and Liornung. His lanky chestnut stood near him. Amroth paid him little heed.

Erebemlin approached Amroth. "Rest, my lord."

Amroth's gaze did not change. "Where is she!"

"You have searched all day."

"I have sifted through every pit and heap. She is not there."

"What would you have us do, my lord?"

Amroth still gazed southeast. "After Dagorlad--- Gorgoroth."

"My lord, no song or tale tells of her journeying there."

Amroth's startled gaze pierced Erebemlin. Songs and tales... Tell me of these songs and tales.
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