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The shaking of the ground and falling into a place unknown had put Valesseka back into the mindset she had long ago, trudging from the Sea of Rhun on her first adventure away from her peaceful little home. She was lost with a stranger she was not sure she could depend on in a place unknown to her, and the most important thing between the two of them would be Valesseka's survival. Of this the fair farmer's daughter was sure.

Valesseka made a quick scan of the hall open to them now and nudged Jenifred, whispering "Theres a door, and I'm not sure but..."

"There on the wall are some bronze keys... maybe it's the way out." Jen added

"I simply can't climb out of here" She bit her lip. I'm wearing a skirt! Jenifred ignored the Arnorian's whining and made haste for the key ring and lock it apparently matched. The older girl scrambling after her, "Maybe Eomeleo is in there... Or the villains and I should be quiet."

Jen turned the key and handle.

The door creaked open as it had for each tiny meal, for each beating and interrogation, but this time the doorway was filled with a shimering light, the figures appearing distorted and thin with it's intensity to the eyes of the long dark dwelling prisoner.
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