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Thin-Gloomy was fervently looking for a way out when he heard footsteps from the corridor. They went away though, and a door somewhere rather far away was opened. Danger over? Thin-Gloomy took a deep breath and continued examining the walls. More footsteps and two voices. Female voices. Neither of them was the shrill-voiced cow, and she didn't come down here anyway. Thin-Gloomy had never known a woman to come here before.

Before he could think more, a key turned in the lock. He stepped forwards, his fists ready. He could beat two women, he knew, and then he could escape.

The light was stronger than he remembered. He had to shelter his eyes. "What is this?" he asked angrily, realising the women had an advantage over him after all.



"What is this?" asked an unfriendly voice.
"Not your boyfriend," Jen concluded to Valesseka and was about to close the door.
"Wait!" Valesseka said.
"You think they've turned you boyfriend into a grumpy little goblin?" Jen asked.
"I am a dwarf, no goblin. Say that again and I'll beat you, kid," the grumpy voice interfered and its owner stepped to the light properly. It was a small, thin dwarf with a long and sparse black beard. He was sheltering his eyes with his hand. "Who are you and what are you doing in my prison cell?"
"I'm Valesseka from Arnor. And this is Jen, a bandit."
"A bandit you say? Come little closer, kid, and I'll kill you. Your friends have treated me badly. But Valesseka... what does that name remind me of?"
"Who are you, you insulting smelly creature? I have no idea why we're wasting time with you," Jen said angrily. "Come, Valesseka, let's go."
"No! I think he might be..."
"My name is Thin-Gloomy, and I am a most venerable Dwarf."
"Oh..." said Valesseka. "We've come to rescue you. But we have lost Eomeleo, and we should rescue him too."
"I know you, you are the mousey girl from the race. Glad to see you again." There was darkness and sarcasm in Thin-Gloomy's voice. "Well, thank you anyway, girls, for rescuing me. Now let's go and find the guy you've lot. And then we gewt out of here. I do have some thingsa to be settled, though."

The three entered the corridor. It was dark and no one was moving there. "Which way did you come?" Thin-Gloomy asked.
"The roof," Jen said.
The dwarf laughed. The echo sent shivers down Jen's spine. The laugh was too hollow.
"No going back that way, is there?" the dwarf asked. "Let's go this way, then."
They started walking, but there was afear upon them, so they broke into a run.

That was why they literally bumped into Éomeleo and Miko at a doorway.
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