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"What's that?" growled the voice, and Éomeléo grumbled at his allies. They were all so... talkative. And now they had an angry, gruff woman, most likely with rolling-pin in hand ready to bash them, about to enter the fray.

And then a strange feeling washed over the Gondorian, and he felt his inner being complemented by an additional force, and he spoke though not with his own voice -- with a voice that came from far away: "Fly, you fools!" And they flew indeed.

But before them appeared a man, short and filthy, with a mean sneer on his ugly face, and he held a small axe. "Right!" shouted Jen, dashing off to the side. Valesseka followed with Thin-Gloomy; Éomeléo dragging Miko along with him. The party bundled through a dark path, covered in bugs and dirt. Miko was horrified. He kept muttering "Oh, I say..." over and over.

The corridor ended with a door. "Well" said Valesseka, "there'd better be something good in here". Jen opened and entered, and everyone smiled. The room was small and dank and empty of people; but it had a few boxes, some cloaks and other clothes, and leaning against the wall a very welcome collection of weapons.

"Oh, I say! I say chaps indeed!"
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