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Éomeléo laughed as the cold air washed over him. It was beautiful, and the dinginess of his prior lodgings had not agreed with his airwaves. Miko wished to run as far as his breath would allow him but Éomeléo calmed him down; there would be no need for such panic. They had some fighters about them, with grim weapons in their hands.

He walked over to Valesseka, adjusting his feathered hat as he moved (he had found it in the weapon-room, much to his delight). Valesseka smiled at the silly gesture, then Éomeléo grabbed and kissed her. He half-expected her to be mad with him, but he was sure he saw happiness in her eyes as they parted.

Of course, because the two of them are never allowed a fine moment, an almighty clatter occured from the doorway. They turned around and braced themselves.
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