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I always thought it was his own thirst (or hunger) for personal power, that eventually drove him to become evil...

I have been a fierce bull and a yellow buck. I have been a boat upon the sea. I have been the foam of water. I have been a drop in the air. I have journeyed as high as an eagle. I have been at the throne of the distributor. I have stood high upon the white hill. I was fluent before being gifted with speech. I have been teacher to all intelligences. I have singly built the tower of Nimrhod. I am the tetragrammaton. I am a wonder whose origin is not know, and I shall be until the day of doom upon the earth -=I may be found merrymaking at <a href=>The Barrow Downs</a> or telling stories at <a href=>Sldal's Keep</a> </p>
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