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Okay, I said I would take a closer look at Legate, and I decided to do so tonight while I have time.

I believe someone mentioned earlier he seems wishy-washy in his opinions and I see what they mean.

On Day One, he stated he liked the non-lynch idea, but was non-committal about it.
Originally Posted by Legate
Originally Posted by Lottie
2. Our chances of hitting either a baddie or a Gifted are really low toDay, which means this might be one of the few situations in which a no lynch Day One makes sense. Plus, since there aren't many wolves, they'll have to be a lot less careful about pack behavior, which means one of our standby clues won't come into play at first.
Numerically, it might make sense, if the village can agree on this. On the other hand, Morsul has a point in saying that the odds won't necessarily change very much. But I am all for at least considering that option.
By the end of the Day, he votes for Boromir and indicates that he's trying to tie the votes. Maybe he was, but with the last-minute timing, an evil Legate could've just said that while hoping for a lynch.

He also latched onto the Nerwen-Inzil spat without fully committing to it:
Originally Posted by Legate
Inziladun - okay, now upon re-reading, his reaction to Nerwen escalated in such a rapid way that it really makes my alarm bells ring. However, all his posting earlier was pretty normal, so I would prefer not to vote him solely on the basis of that one instance.
In general, all of his opinions on other players are a bit wishy-washy and non-committal...except for Boromir.

Legate voted for Boro all three Days, and even with those votes, his suspicions of Boro weren't exactly strong ones.

YesterDay, I mentioned the possibility of Legate being a newly turned wolf with his change of focus on the Dead Thread. And he did talk a lot about the Dead Thread, though I don't think he was as distracting about it as others. I honestly don't see any real shift in behavior, and so I'm starting to think if he is a baddie, there's a good chance he has been for awhile.

In conclusion, Legate has moved up on my suspicion list. He's joined by Eonwe and Nogrod, and to a lesser extent, Nerwen and Boro for reasons I listed yesterDay.

Alright, it's getting really late, so it's off to bed for me.
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