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So we are now ten and perhaps four of us are bad. I really hope Lottie was a wolf.
I'm in a rush to go to work now but will hopefully be able to post a bit more later. Annoyingly, I have also lost all the notes I made about the voting and its implications...but I wanted to put out there what's been worrying me all Night.

It was Nog's weird behaviour near DL that got me thinking...he holds up voting debate going on about rules and stuff, then risks his own vote, holding off until deadline, only to vote for Eonwe who as far as he knew only had one vote and thus his vote wouldn't make any difference anyway. However, as it happened, had his vote been allowed, it would have resulted in a no-lynch, because Brinn was empowered, and we would have had a draw.
Now, then I realised, the wolves already would know what the Dead would tell us - that Zil was innocent. This would mean that the wolves also knew into which "group" the empowerment would go. (As Zil was innocent he was likely to co-operate and thus the 'none of the above' category was unlikely to be used)
So, empowerment would go to either Boro (v unlikely as he said he probably couldn't vote) Brinn, Eomer, Eonwe or me.
Given that Eomer and I had already contributed 2 out of the 3 votes to Lottie, if one of us got empowered Lottie would be unsavable. Eonwe voted for Nogs - if his vote had been empowered, we would have had another draw. As it happened, it was Brinn who got the empowerment which, had Nogs' late vote counted, would also have resulted in a draw.
So my question is, was this all a terrific gamble by a Nogs-wolf? What was it that he was waiting for, up until deadline, and why didn't he vote for Lottie or Boro to guarantee his own survival?
Basically, I get so far with this theory and then I end up in a tangle. So I thought I'd put it out there now to see if anyone else can make sense of it. (Or what is more likely, for the wolves to tangle it up further )
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