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Originally Posted by Nogrod View Post
If this doesn't sound like a false or forced concern / alarm, I'm not sure what would. We have no idea about our situation whatsoever (well, we might be able to infer that Zil was innocent - or then the Dead shared my concern on Eönwe) and it is just D4 in a game of Dueling Wizards where more or less anything can happen.

Naturally, we should lynch a wolf toDay, but opening the Day with "Okay, we really need to" sounds like something a Wolf would say after thinking how an innocent would open a Day.
Sorry, but that's nonsense. We do not *know* how things stand, and if the worst case scenario is true we're in quite a fix. That is simply a fact.

Originally Posted by Nog
I agree I have used a lot of time discussing those issues - and have not been the only one to be quite occupied with the rule / strategy -talk *coughEönwecough*. But unlike some others who have discussed a lot about that kind of issues, I have also ended that discussion in time to go actually into the bussiness of considering the lynches, trying to find suspicious things and been there discussing the lynch so that we could make reasonable decisions (unlike some who post lengthy strategy-manuals just before the DL - why is that not suspicious to you Nerwen?).
Who do you say did that? Steve?

Originally Posted by Nogrod View Post
Originally Posted by Lalaith
So my question is, was this all a terrific gamble by a Nogs-wolf? What was it that he was waiting for, up until deadline, and why didn't he vote for Lottie or Boro to guarantee his own survival?
Basically, I get so far with this theory and then I end up in a tangle. So I thought I'd put it out there now to see if anyone else can make sense of it. (Or what is more likely, for the wolves to tangle it up further )
I can give you a simple solution to your enigma: I'm innocent. It makes perfect sense then (add the premise that I also like it in the Dead Thread so there was no pressure).

You can see that my previous post is timed at .59 (I made the mistake of answering Lottie who asked me a straight question) - and realized the time at the moment. The 30-second rule prevented me from posting my vote any earlier than I was then able to do - but you can see that I managed to post another one on .00 - so my vote was more or less a few seconds after .00. Yeah, I didn't manage to vote as Kuru was really on top of the hour. But that was in no way planned, but just a mistake (answering to Lottie at the last minute).

That simple.
This is a fair point. And all the votes fell so close together yesterDay that I doubt anyone, guilty or innocent, was on top of things enough to make the kind of calculating move Lalaith seems to suggest.
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