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Originally Posted by Nogrod View Post
Originally Posted by Lalaith
It was Nog's weird behaviour near DL that got me thinking...he holds up voting debate going on about rules and stuff
This is incorrect as well: don't take all Nerwen says at face-value but look at the thread. I spent the last couple of hours not on rules talk but trying to find a wolf - I even got a bit frustrated with E÷nwe because he was doing that still an hour before the DL and posted this:
Originally Posted by Nog
E÷nwe: please stop talking about Wizards and Visitors. Talk of people to vote toDay - and why exactly them.

I had to comment on the rules half an hour before the DL because my reason to suspect several people actually hung on it - and I realized I had read the rules wrong and stood corrected - but other than that I spent the last couple of hours talking about who to lynch, not the rules as such (unlike some others...)
Well, maybe you think that's what you did, Nog, but the thread shows otherwise. At #415 (5:11 pm) you briefly agreed with Eomer that Legate was suspiciously agreeable. At #418 (5:35 pm) you did make a suspicion list, albeit a rather non-committal one. At #423 (6:04 pm) you made a post arguing that the Day One no-lynch supporters should be seen as suspicious. At #426 (6:10 pm) you told off Eonwe for "talking about Wizards and Visitors". Then at #432 (6:21 pm) you returned to the subject of... the Dead Thread! You then made two further posts on the subject at #438 (6:38 pm) and #450 (6:48 pm). (If these are the posts you're talking about, I'm not sure on whom suspicion would be "hanging"- clarification?). Finally, at #457 (6:51 pm), with less than 10 miniutes before DL, you announced your intention of going after "those who try to capitalize it with their clear understanding of the rules..." whatever that means, after which you announced you might vote Lottie, Boro, Eonwe and Eomer, made another post in which said you were thinking of voting Lottie, then voted Eonwe.

So no, I am not misrepresenting you. I will also point out that it was your single-minded focus on the Dead Thread during the last couple of hours that made me re-consider my suspicion of you, precisely because it seemed a bit foolhardy for a wolf.

Originally Posted by Lalaith View Post
Ok now I must really get on with my actual RL work for a bit.
But before I go...the list for the Dead. (sorry dead Mith, hope this doesn't rile you!)

There should be enough innocents in the dead thread to ensure a vote on Lottie so would it be better (given the empowerment issues I highlighted earlier) to make the 'none of the above' group smaller than the other two? I'm using Kuru's Living list here btw:

Lottie prey
Shastanis Althreduin

Lottie predator
Eomer of the Rohirrim
Legate of Amon Lanc

None of the above

We could even just divide us into two groups of five, prey and predator, and tell the dead not to empower anyone if there has been a 'none of the above' issue?
Maybe, but isn't there a risk of one of them voting by accident (or "accident")?

Edit: added comment.
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