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#1: If it's not 'born', how about 'birth'? That gives a very promising -th ending, though the obvious letter to put in front of it would be E, which is already used at the start. (This line of thinking is pointing me at 'Elbereth', though that doesn't even have the I - it would be extremely tortuous.)

... I've just spent five minutes staring at the direction letters and gotten nowhere. Anagrams aren't my thing.

Is it possible that the theme is mothers? All five names are, and at least three were mothers to people more famous than them (Earendil, Erendis, and Tar-Ancalime). That would rule out Elbereth for #1. I want to do something with Emeldir, but while she has the E-L-R for directions, I can't turn 'medi' into a word to do with birth. (Demi? Mide? Dime? Diem! No.)

Eowyn is a mother, but taking away her directions just leaves 'yo'. Earwen also comes to mind, but she'd be left with 'are', which isn't any more useful. (Morwen) Eledhwen/Elfsheen would also fit, but nothing helpful jumps out from 'ledhe' or 'lfhee'. ... no, I don't think I can make a guess for #1 (other than Elbereth right off the bat).

I will, however, throw out a hasty guess at Dernhelm for #5; it is indeed an epesse for a mother, though I can't get it to fit the rest (possibly because I keep getting stuck on Eva == Evita, which I think is a blind alley).

(I am ashamed to admit I had to look up who Nuneth is; it's been a while since I needed to do that for a Legendarium character!)

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