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Dernhelm and Elbereth are both wrong, I'm afraid.

I didn't know who Nuneth was until just recently, when I read 'Unfinished Tales' *properly.* (I skipped bits when I was younger).

I've added a word to the D clue, which should make it much easier. Probably very easy if you went to school in the UK, but still googleably easy if you didn't.

E: Lady born where three ways meet, however tortuously.
Rose: She certainly troubled Cupid’s counterpart!
E: Wells girl found a way, through confusion, to reveal her.
Nuneth: Secluded lady? Ancient letter reveals her.
D: Eva Smith's epesse? For her, the simile has not grown stale.
Idril: Sounds like a utopic time for her.
Sinatra (Artanis): Noble lady runs back for Ol’ Blue Eyes.
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