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Good work!

It's always a good idea to check whether my password puzzles have an odd number of clues. If they do, the theme might be pairs of some kind (with the password completing one of the pairs). The theme of this one is indeed mothers and daughters (my last one was couples; Morsul the Dark did a 'namesake pairs' one not that long back, which probably gave me the idea).

I didn't study 'An Inspector Calls' at school either, but most of my friends' kids seem to. It probably came in with GCSE's. I remember a TV version of it in the early 80's, though, and hearing something like 'Did you know Eva Smith, or Daisy Renton?' [the name Eva Smith took for herself later on in her story].

'Day's eye' is a metaphor. In fact, probably a kenning?

The simile I was referring to was the well-known 'As fresh as a daisy.' (Hence 'not stale').

'Wells girl' meant female H G Wells character. From memory I can only think of three. In 'The War Of The Worlds' there are Carrie and Beth, but the one I was looking for was WEENA from 'The Time Machine' (add the directional R and 'confuse' it all for Earwen).

It was quite difficult to find mothers and daughters who would actually fit into a password; hence I had to put one of them in backwards.

Elenwe: Lady born where three ways meet, however tortuously.
Rose: She certainly troubled Cupid’s counterpart!
Earwen: Wells girl found a way, through confusion, to reveal her.
Nuneth: Secluded lady? Ancient letter reveals her.
Daisy: Eva Smith's epesse? For her, the simile has not grown stale.
Idril: Sounds like a utopic time for her.
Sinatra (Artanis): Noble lady runs back for Ol’ Blue Eyes.


Huinesoron, I think it was you who guessed the password? In which case, over to you!
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