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VT-LT-05: I realized that here I missed a change of ilw to ilmen:

VT-LT-05<LT That house was builded of marbles white and blue and stood amid the fields of snow, and its roofs were made of a web of that blue air called ilmen that is above the white and grey. This web did Aul and his wife contrive, but Varda spangled it with stars, and Manw dwelt thereunder[.]>
VT-LT-16: I'm not sure I agree that we need a concluding statement for the chapter. Many chapters of the QS/LQ end with little fanfare.

However, if we do use this statement, I would retain the 'now', which is perfectly fine referring to a past time:

VT-LT-16 <LT Therefore {is}[was] Valinor now built, and there {is}[was] great peace there, and the {Gods}[Valar] in joy, for {those quarrelsome spirits dwell not much among them, and Melko}[Melkor] {comes}[came] not nigh.>
Originally Posted by gondowe
Perhaps Arvalin is changed to Avathar many times, where Avathar is the south, for example in Mandos dwelings ?(maybe I'm oxidized geographically).
My understanding of the names is this:

- In LT (or at least in "The Coming of the Valar"), "Arvalin" and "Eruman" were synonymous and refer to the southern waste between the mountains and the sea. There is no northern counterpart, because on the north side the sea comes right up to the mountains.

- In the latest post-LotR conception, "Avathar" is the southern waste and "Araman" the northern waste between the mountains and the sea.

So it should be a simple matter of changing both "Eruman" and "Arvalin" to "Avathar" at every occurrence in LT.

In the case of Mandos that you mention, we have:

So fair were these abodes and so great the brilliance of the trees of Valinor that Nmo and [Vair] his wife {of tears} might not endure to stay there long, but fared away far to the northward of those regions, where beneath the roots of the most cold and northerly of the Mountains of Valinor, that rise here again almost to their height nigh [Avathar], they begged Aul to delve them a hall.
Note that this is not saying that Mandos (in the north) is near Avathar; rather, it's saying that the mountains in the north are high, just like they are near Avathar. So I think this is fine.
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