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VT-LT-16: I am okay with the "now" and I am not adamant on using this sentence.

Arvalin: It seems time to do this once right through:

a) The first occurrence is in VT-EX-02 when the Valar arrive in the West. Since they come from the war against Utumno we could suppose that they came from the north. Therefore I would use “Araman” here.

b) Next is VT-EX-03b when the Valar collect the rocks to build the Pelori. Here “Araman and Avathar” seems the right replacement.

c) In VT-EX-03.1 we are told that “Erumani” is very flat now due to the collecting of the rocks be the Valar. So again I think “Araman and Avathar” is the right replacement.

d) VT-LT-06 we are told that the mist that Aulë used to build the house of Lóriën, Murmuran, was gathered beyond “Arvalin”. I am a bit lost here. Murmuran is in the south of Valinor, but the farthest south is rather connected in Tolkiens Legendarium with “heat” then with cold, So I would again opt for “Araman” as a replacement, but I would like to here other opinions on this case.

e) VT-LT-12b is as well not easy: It compares the height of the Pelori above Manods with that “nigh Arvalin”. The comparison must be with Taniquetil which as seen from Mandos is nigh to the southern coastland even so, as far as I remember, it is on the northern side of the bay of Eldamar. So in this case I would see “Avarthar” as replacement.

f) The next case is EP-EX-12.1 which we already agree upon to replace “Arvalin” by “Eldamar”.

g) to j) There are four occurrences of “Arvalin” in EPE-EX-17:

g) The first is referring to the “south shore of the Shadowy Seas”, which means we have to take “Avathar” replacing “Arvalin or Erumani”.

h) The second say that “beyond Arvalin” are the mountains of Valinor, here we should take “Avathar and Araman”.

i) The next tells that the bay of Eldamar is north of “Arvalin”; here again “Avathar” is the right replacement.

j) Next comes a queer statement that about Taniquetil “looking across Arvalin half south and half north across that mighty Bay of Faery”. I think we have to edit this to: “looking across {Arvalin half}[Avathar] south and {half}[Araman] north across that mighty Bay of {Faery}[Eldarmar]”.

k) EPE-EX-18: Here the one side of Taniquetil is in the gloom of “Arvalin” and we should replace it with “Avathar and Araman”.

l) Between SM-02.7 and SM-03 is one occurrence of “Erumani” in the phrase “happiness will be once more twixt Erumani and the Sea”. In this case I think we should replace it be “Avathar”. More correct would be “Avathar and Araman” but that is awakward due to the double “and” and if we have to chose than the south is probably better since in the north are Mandos, which is by no means a place of happyness.

m) SM-EX-10.8 has Tilion pass swiftly over “either Arvalin or Aruman” which we naturally change to “either Avathar or Araman”.

n) In Luthien song of lengthening she sings of “Gilim the giant of Eruman”. What so ever is meant by this we must change it “Araman” I suppose (happyliy that does fit the rhyming to “Glend the sword of Nan”. (Thinking now about it, “Gilim the giant of Araman” could be a mountain, since we are told that in the north near to Mandos the Pelori were nearly as high as Taniquetil.)

o) There is one occurrence in the Ambrakanta draft of AcrusCalion where it descripes the coastlands of the western continent and specifies “South is Arvalin” and “North is Eruman”, so that the replacements are clear “Avathar” to the south and “Araman” to the north.

Most of the cases are clear but I would like to have some opinion about d), e), j) and l). And of course as allway you are free to disagree with my opinion in any of the cases.

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