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I'd like to move the time along to supper time pretty soon. Some options in that regard are that we don't need to get into an overblown description of all the healer's doings, and can pick the story up with Marinel abed and weak but past the crisis.

Nerindel, what does Adhel intend to do? And is it Ašelhild, or Aņeldhild? I thought it was Ašelhild but is that wrong? The difference for those to whom this looks like Greek, is alt/0240 versus alt/0242. In terms of pronunciation, the first is Adh - as in 'that', and the second is virtually Aewelhild, only the 'w' is pronounced with the lips in the 'y' position. It might seem hard but Germans talk this way all the time.

Anyway! .... is there anything anybody wants their characters to wrap up before we move this to suppertime?
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